Tonight’s Rooting Interests (3/6)

(7) Stanford at (3) UCLA – A Stanford win would lead to a truly tied Pac-10 race for first. UCLA hosts 9th place Cal on Saturday, while Stanford travels to 4th place USC. The Pac-10 can still benefit as a whole from UCLA grabbing that #1 seed.

Arizona State at Oregon – This is where things get interesting for the Cougs. All ASU has to do is beat Oregon State and they will have 9 wins and a high probability of a top 5 conference spot. This is bad news for WSU since the Sun Devil team they swept in the regular season may not be their first round opponent in the conference tournament. Oregon is, oddly enough, a better matchup for the Cougs this year than Arizona, so it’s time to cheer on the Ducks to climb to sixth place.

Arizona at Oregon State – Unlikely, but then we’ve seen a lot of strange things come from this Arizona team this season. If the Wildcats lose they face essentially a must win in Eugene. Again, the key for WSU is making sure that Arizona stays out of the 6 spot. However, many teams have come back from a regular season sweep to get redemption in the Pac-10 tournament, including Southern Cal against Wazzu last season.

California at USC – A USC loss guarantees the Cougs their second straight top-3 finish in the Pac-10.


2 Responses to “Tonight’s Rooting Interests (3/6)”

  1. Nuss Says:

    Not to be too critical, but I think you’ve got it entirely backwards. We should be thinking about THE tournament, not the Pac-10 tournament, which, while it would be nice to win, just doesn’t matter all that much. If we’re thinking about the NCAAs, then pretty much the opposite of what you said about ASU and USC applies. Those are two teams the Cougs swept and them continuing to win reflects much better on their tournament resume.

  2. Grady Says:

    Good points, however I still believe a USC loss helps the Cougs because if they were to lose Saturday to the huskies, coupled with a USC win, the Cougars fall to fourth place. That gives the selection committee a chance to dock the cougs’ seeding. It may not put USC above us, but it may knock us down a line or two.

    Also in terms of the big dance, it would help the Cougs to grab favorable matchups in the Pac-10 tournament (e.g. Oregon or ASU in the first round; avoiding UCLA in the second). The best way the Cougs can up their seed at this point would be a win or a trip to the P10 finals. A win would be phenomenal considering how many years it’s been since Wazzu won any kind of a conference championship. Otherwise we stay in pretty much the same position.

    But you could really make arguments for either scenario in the USC/ASU games.

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