Selection Sunday, Part 1

Let’s get one thing straight, Lunardi. The Cougs should absolutely not be a 7 seed, especially not a 7 seed in Little Rock, Arkansas. has the Cougs’ most recent RPI at #21. That means that if the seeding were based purely on the RPI, the Cougars would be at worst a six seed. There are four teams for each seed in the tournament. Therefore multiply four by six to get 24 – the number of teams that will occupy the top six seeds. It is possible the selection committee could frown on WSU and give them a seven seed. However, how can the committee justify dropping WSU in seeding and moving them to Little Rock, Arkansas in a first round game against Kentucky. Kentucky is a dangerous team and already travels well; I doubt they’d have any trouble getting to that first round game in droves.

Fortunately, the Cougs are not one of three Pac-10 teams that have to sweat out selection Sunday. In my opinion, Arizona and Oregon are in the dance while ASU is done in by their #296 SOS in their non-conference schedule (they went 10-2 in that run). I had a more lengthy explanation of my reasoning, but it has disappeared thanks to my computer randomly resetting my wireless connection every five minutes. Never buy a Dell. Ever.

Check back later and I will have my thoughts on WSU’s seeding and location. The Cougars are in a difficult position. UCLA will be a #1 in Anaheim. Stanford will be a #2-4 in either Anaheim or Denver. This makes it difficult for the selection committee to keep the Cougs nearby and avoid a later matchup against a conference rival. If the Cougs are bounced from the West the best they can do is Omaha. I hope the committee finds a way to keep WSU close to home and give them a seed they deserve. 6-seed in Anaheim, perhaps?


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