The Triforce

Deadspin, one of my favorite sports blogs, has been serving up tournament game previews all week, and their Washington State vs. Winthrop preview is a sample of their knowledgeable writing and the sometimes smart-aleck attitude that make Deadspin a good read. It is also easy to tell that actual time and research went into discussing the tournament teams; too often an ESPN discussion of the tourney bracket goes something like this:

Analyst A: I like Washington State because of Derrick Low and the fact that they are a very tough style of basketball to play against.

Analyst B: Good point; but I love Notre Dame to make the Sweet 16 because of Luke Harangody. I think they’ll get it done.

This exchange is followed by no mention of a Top-25 Washington State team or its players for the next 55 minutes. In fact, if you asked Digger Phelps to name the Cougars’ starting five I guarantee you he couldn’t do it off the top of his head.

So, out of the backlash against ESPN and their strange practice of force-feeding the nation the same sports discussion topics over and over again comes Deadspin. Brian Tesch writes the Cougar summary; I have no idea if he is connected to WSU or is just an outsider looking in. Either way, he has coined the nickname “The Triforce” for Robbie Cowgill, Derrick Low, and Kyle Weaver. This is an absolutely awesome idea.

So why am I angry?

Well, two reasons. One, I didn’t come up with it. Two, we only get to use it for at the most a couple more weeks, and then Robbie, Derrick and Kyle ride off into the sunset. If only we had the chance to give this nickname the one or two good years it deserved. I still plan on using it beyond the tournament, however, and you should too. It’s just that it won’t get the recognition it should now that it’s been discovered too late.


2 Responses to “The Triforce”

  1. Grady Says:

    Ah, myspace, you come through again.

    Tesch does a good job writing the piece; my only complaint is that whole “middle of nowhere” phrase that gets tossed around by the media all too often.

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