Halftime Thoughts

29-29. But remember the Cougs were slow-starting last year against Oral Roberts.

We have Gus Johnson and Len Elmore announcing. I love Gus, but when you’re team is on the wrong side of a close game he’s the last announcer I want because he just about rips your heart out. In a close win, however, no one is better:

Low isn’t firing well (0 points). That’s OK though, he’s the focal point of the defense and he can open things up like that alley-oop to Cowgill.

My two biggest concerns are turnovers – of which there were way too many early on, and McCollough. He is killing us in the same inside-outside way that we saw from Anderson, Love, and Leunen. Looking at Winthrop pre-game he didn’t seem like a major threat. Time to re-evaluate that.

Having said that, the Cougs are a very good second half team. Winthrop has made its fair share of ridiculous shots, and it’s very common for a lower seed to keep it close for a half. However, they don’t call it March Madness for nothing. We’re going to need a great effort in the second half to come out with a win.


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