Bennett Not Interested in Indiana

Tony Bennett is not going to Indiana; reported now by two sources.

Vince Grippi, here.

And Andy Katz, here.

The latter article bugs me a little as Katz implies that Bennett “might” be “interested” in the LSU job. Baton Rouge, LA, happens to be the hometown of Tony’s wife, Laurel. What bugs me about Katz’s article is that one can’t tell whether those words about LSU came out of Tony’s mouth or from Andy Katz himself. The nature of modern-day coaches says there is no certainty that Tony is staying in Pullman, but this is a very good indication. No other school could offer Bennett what Indiana could in terms of money and resources. Scratch that silly Cal rumor, too: Vince Grippi already stated earlier this weekend that Bennett had told him he would absolutely not move within conference. There’s also this remark from Grippi in his blog comments:


I think what I’ve posted will answer most of your questions, though not all. I will try to flesh it out before tomorrow morning, but this is what I can come up with from SeaTac. It seems to me Tony is staying, no matter who calls. At least till next year, when we’ll probably have to go through this insane exercise again.
(Author’s note: WordPress is being stubborn and won’t let me insert a space here) And what an insane exercise it’s been. For the time being, we can breathe a little easier. But I wouldn’t say it’s a 100% done deal that Tony will be in Pullman through 2008-09. At least not yet.

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