Bennett to Wisconsin-Green Bay

In a shocking reversal of fortune, Tony Bennett has decided to leave WSU for the head coaching position at his alma mater, Wisconsin-Green Bay.

UW-Green Bay athletics director Ken Bothof released a statement this morning:

“The Phoenix are happy to welcome back Tony Bennett to our men’s basketball program. We believe this new direction for our program will put Green Bay basketball where it belongs. We want people to think of us among the power teams in NCAA basketball: Kansas, North Carolina, Duke, Green Bay, Kentucky, and UCLA.”

Green Bay coach Tod Kowalcyzk was abruptly fired Monday after six seasons, with the AD citing lack of NCAA tournament appearances as the reason.

“This is really just about returning to my alma mater”, said Tony Bennett in a phone interview Tuesday morning. “I am happy about what I built at Washington State and I hope to continue it at Green Bay. I know the community is still mourning the retirement of Brett Favre; I hope to take their minds off of it and make basketball the focal point of the city’s vibrant sports scene.”

A press conference introducting Bennett has been scheduled for Wednesday.

“We’re just so excited, ” added Bothof. “This is a slam dunk hire. We wanted to introduce him today, but we thought it would be the wrong time, being April Fool’s day and all.”

Ryan Appleby was unavailable for comment.


2 Responses to “Bennett to Wisconsin-Green Bay”

  1. Grady Says:

    Happy April Fool’s Day everyone. By the way, I apologize to anyone who may have got a scare out of that, if only a brief one. My hope was that the article would be so absurd you’d see through it right off the bat (with all due respect to the UW-GB Phoenix).

  2. For the Chronically Concerned « Stadium Way Says:

    […] Bennett to Wisconsin-Green Bay Categories […]

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