Here’s One Reason to Get Excited About Craig Robinson

Well, for us, anyway. Not sure if it applies to Beaver fans.

“At the strong urging of his father, he resisted overtures from major conference teams like the University of Washington and Purdue University to attend Princeton.”

Link to article

In regards to the Obama connection (he’s Barack’s brother-in-law), I was wondering whether that would be a positive or negative in Corvallis. Turns out its probably neither (among students, anyway) On Facebook 43% of the OSU network have no political affiliation listed. Next on the list are moderate (16%), liberal (15%), and conservative (14%). I would make a joke about OSU and their apathy, but those are very similar stats to WSU (43% unlisted, 16% liberal, 16% moderate, 13% conservative).

Facebook in no way is meant to be used as a scientific tool. Scary stat of the day: Grey’s Anatomy, a “medical” drama, is the #2 TV show among Cougar facebookers. Family Guy is #1.


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