Top 10 Cougar Plays: #6

February 7: Kyle Weaver does this:

Video courtesy of WSUCougarHoops on YouTube

What amazes me about Kyle Weaver is his ability to make seemingly impossible plays look pedestrian. Weaver’s game is so fluid, so cool, he lulls you to sleep before making a NBA-caliber offensive or defensive play.

There is only one concern I have about Kyle Weaver’s future in the NBA: He might end up playing for Clay Bennett. Thanks to the Sonics acquisition of a 2008 first-round pick from Phoenix, Seattle (or should I say the Oklahoma City Bandits) will be have a late first-round draft pick. Exactly where Kyle Weaver is projected to be drafted.

I can guarantee you I will be an instant fan of any team that drafts Weaver. I’m a Blazers fan, but I’m more than willing to pick up a second squad to root for in a league that I am becoming increasingly disinterested in (thanks, David Stern!). Weaver in the NBA, however, makes me excited about the association. Here’s the Cougar version of Brandon Roy, a player than can do everything well, getting a chance to contribute on the largest stage. And he’ll have success – his defense alone makes him a valuable pickup for the NBA team that wants him.

So – anyone but the Sonics, draft Kyle. You won’t regret it.

The Spring Signing period has begun, and there’s no news to report – yet. Don’t expect Paul McCoy to be the next Cougar signee as WSU was outside of his top three at last notice. It is possible that WSU is waiting for Ferris star DeAngelo Casto to clear academic hurdles. It is also possible that WSU could go in a completely different direction by finding a new recruit or awarding the remaining scholarship to returning Cougar Charlie Enquist. Only Tony and the staff know where they are leaning at this point. It’s something definitely worth keeping an eye on.


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