Electronic Mail

If you want a more anonymous way to reach Stadium Way, give us a buzz at stadiumway@hotmail.com. You can send suggestions, comments, or just some good ol’ fashioned hate mail. The content doesn’t have to relate to the Cougs either, it could be sports in general, or links to some of the amazing accomplishments people have made on the internet. If I get enough response, I might just be able to start a mailbag column. Which would rock. So do it.

Also, this week’s Buzzin’ The Palouse is up at Cougfan.com. This one’s more football-oriented with a discussion of Jed Collins, other Cougar draft hopefuls, Rowing, Baseball, and more. This article is subscription-only, so if you don’t have a CF.C account you won’t get to read the article in its entirety. But my shameless plug for the site is this: it’s basically a non-profit website where the money from the Scout.com network and subscriptions go right back into the content and making sure the forums don’t crash.

Anyway, check out the article if you have some free time. Hope you like it.


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