Top 10 Cougar Plays: #3

February 9th: Kyle Weaver crosses over O.J. Mayo

video courtesy BHarmon1975 on YouTube

Game Recap

O.J. Mayo went from being the most overrated player in the country to one of the most underrated in a matter of months. ESPN is to blame – they likened him to the next LeBron on “E:60” and made 2007-08 into “the year of the freshman” when there were so many great players that weren’t (Tyler Hansbrough, Kyle Weaver, Mario Chalmers, among others). By the time people were frustrated that O.J. wans’t putting up 40 points per game, they seemed to forget just how good of a player he is, and will be in the pros.

Of course that’s what makes this play so fun to watch. That, and the fact that team (WSU) not only beat the talent (USC) this season, but beat the living tar out of them. Twice. And Tim Floyd hates the trip to Pullman. A year after getting into it with Tony on the sidelines (one of my favorite moments of last season), Floyd went ahead and got himself ejected from this game after an admittedly bad no-call that favored Kyle Weaver.

Anyway, at least we have some ammunition against the legion of USC football fans. If they talk down to us about football, we can counter with basketball. Just be a little more cautious around Tim Floyd, who will probably up the ante again by physically assaulting Butch during the 2009 visit to Pullman.

But I’m getting off topic. To summarize this play in four words: Kyle Weaver is awesome.

Regarding the blog, posting will be a little slow this week (finals week), but I hope to get another Cougfan article out by the weekend, and I’ll post if any big news happens or if I need to take my mind off of pharmacotherapy for a few minutes. Enjoy the week, everyone.


4 Responses to “Top 10 Cougar Plays: #3”

  1. Nuss Says:

    Count me among those who still considered O.J. Mayo somewhat overrated at the end of the year and not sold that he will light the NBA on fire.

    Consider the physical skills Mayo has been gifted with: Tremendous first step, leaps out of the gym, 6-foot-5 and a solid 200 pounds. Now consider this: He averaged just 4.75 free throws a game — playing nearly 40 minutes a night. Among players who played 60 percent of their team’s minutes, he was 28th (!) in the Pac-10 in’s free throw ratefifth on his own team. Taylor Rochestie got to the line at a greater rate than Mayo. No kidding.

    There are some who argue that you just can’t teach aggression and fearlessness. If Mayo can’t figure that out, that is absolutely going to kill him in the NBA. It’s a penetration league. If he was reluctant to get knocked down by the likes of Kevin Love, Aron Baynes and Jordan Hill, what’s he going to think when he has to take it strong against Shaq, Andrew Bynum and Tim Duncan, not to mention the other human fouls who get put into games just to lay the wood?

  2. Grady Says:

    “Among players who played 60 percent of their team’s minutes, he was 28th (!) in the Pac-10 in’s free throw rate — fifth on his own team. Taylor Rochestie got to the line at a greater rate than Mayo. No kidding.”

    Wow. Now that is a statistic.

  3. Nuss Says:

    That’s what they pay me the big bucks for over there.

    Oh, wait. Never mind.

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