Top 10 Cougar Plays: Recap

Just to give you some more hype for the #1 play, let’s look back at 2-10.

#2: Aron Baynes Coast-to-Coast

#3: Kyle breaks OJ Mayo’s ankles

#4: Robbie’s three-point play

#5: Baynes dunks on Brockman

#5a: Taylor’s halfcourt buzzer-beater

#6: Weaver’s reverse layup against UCLA

#7: Rochestie-to-Cowgill sinks the Ducks

#8: Weaver denies James Harden’s attempt at a game-winner

#9: Forrest dunks on NC A&T

#10: D-Low caps Baylor comeback

Overall, a pretty solid list of the top plays from last season. I’m still kicking myself over originally forgetting Taylor’s half court shot against UCLA. One other play I considered was Weaver’s other ridiculous reverse lay-in, against Brook Lopez. But, it’s too similar to play #6, and I like the one he made against Love better.

Stay tuned for #1. I finally found video of it.


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