The Elusive National Championship

If you’re like me, you’re hoping the Cougars can take home a NCAA title in something this year. Well, the best chance belongs to the #4 Washington State women’s rowing team, who qualified for the NCAA championships on Tuesday.

In terms of the “major” sports, it’s been a long drought, but here’s how I rank the chances of a title for the Cougs’ squads going into the future:

Men’s basketball
Women’s basketball

Men’s basketball has the lead, for obvious reasons. Baseball has the advantage of a wacky postseason, in addition to the very good recruiting work by coach Donnie Marbut. Women’s basketball will be on its way with Daugherty’s first class coming in.

As for football…. well, this is the hardest title to win for us, especially being in the same conference as USC. Add to that the poor state of the program under Doba, and Wulff has some rebuilding to do before we begin thinking of anything big. It’s worth noting that I think a football title is the most coveted among Cougar fans, but I have a feeling we’ll take one in basketball too.


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