Offseason Video of the Week (6/4)

I love these fan-shot videos from the stands. This one is the Cougs’ victory over Gonzaga in 2006 – which officially stands as the night Cougar basketball returned to relevance. I’m in that mob somewhere. I don’t think I heard any part of what Glenn Johnson says over the loudspeaker.

I learned after this game, when we rushed the court against Arizona, that the best thing to do is actually run past the mob to the team. That way you can get some high-fives in from your favorite players before the rest of the crowd shoves you back into the middle of the court. Also, don’t wear your coat when rushing the court. If possible, have one of your friends keep an eye on it in the stands so that you don’t burn up in a crowd of several hundred students. If you have to wear it to make sure no one steals it, at least keep it unzipped. I may have to do a “how to properly rush the court” post someday.

In fact, let’s make it a double this week with the winning TD from last season’s Apple Cup. Two great things to listen to on this one: the cheering of the WSU fans, and the collective groaning of Husky fans. It’s gonna be great to see Brandon Gibson again this fall.


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