Stadium Way on Vacation

Hi once again, Coug Nation. I will be on the exact opposite side of the country for a few days attending my grandfather’s 90th birthday celebration – which incredibly enough takes place on father’s day. I’ll be back in the good ole Northwest on Wednesday (6/18). If I have access to a computer down there I may be able to send out a post or two, but I can’t guarantee anything.

About those Sterk Rumors floating around – it appears Jim Sterk may be a possible candidate for the opening athletic director position at Notre Dame. ND lost their former director, Kevin White, to Duke, who had lost their AD to LSU a few weeks ago. The carousel goes round and round.

It only makes sense that with all the success Sterk has brought WSU – most notably in basketball with the inspired Bennett and Bennett hiring – that other schools would be interested in bringing him on board. However, with the high profile of the Notre Dame job and the continued commitment Tony Bennett shows to Wazzu, I have a hard time believing Sterk wants to leave Pullman anytime soon. Anything can happen, but I have to believe all rumors right now are just that – rumors, and nothing more.

With the blog on a very brief hiatus, allow me to point you in a couple of other directions to get your Cougar sports fix:

WSU Hoops – for, obviously, hoops coverage

WSU Football Blog – for football info

Cougfan – for all-around Cougar news and the opportunity to make fun of other schools on the message board

Spokesman-Review Sportslink – where Vince Grippi breaks down all the WSU happenings as they occur. I’ve always liked Grippi’s work, and it surprised me today when he revealed their code of ethics states that he shouldn’t use opinion on the website. It’s a shame, because Spokesman beat writers are often some of the most informed Coug followers on the planet.

Enjoy the weekend everyone – it looks like the weather will improve, although at this point I don’t think you can rule out the possibility of snow in August.


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