This is Why We Love Tony Bennett

I cannot tell you how refreshing it is, soon after going on a mini-tirade about why character is important, to see Tony Bennett give this response on his chat this afternoon:

Pullman: Character seems incredibly important to you, if not, the most important aspect of an athlete: would you sacrifice raw talent w/out character for an athlete who has less athletic ability (still a good athlete), but impeccable character? Why? Why not? Please explain.

Tony Bennett: No I wouldn’t. When you are building a program you cannot take a short cut on character. When you do, more times than not, it will end up hurting your program in the long run.

Read the whole chat; there’s lots of goodies in there, although TB skirts the questions regarding playing time and the starting lineup (c’mon Tony, we already know Taylor and Baynes are locks).

I would’ve liked to see Tony address the who-gets-the-last-scholarship question, but it’s from a selfish standpoint, so that I can update the scholly chart (see links above). I still think Enquist gets the scholarship, and Rochestie and Allen are the “walk-ons” for 08-09.

The great thing about Tony is that even in his chats he has a grounded, humble attitude. There are no pleas for financial support (mainly thanks for what has already been given), and he is repetitively thankful for the support WSU gives him. And he’ll need it as the Cougars enter the upcoming season with one of the youngest squads in the nation.

Side note: only 66 days until football season.


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