Pre-Draft Predictions for Weaver

Chad Ford, ESPN.comRd 2, 32nd overall, Seattle. I can’t tell you how much I hope this is wrong. Seeing as how he lists Kyle as a point guard, it’s obvious Ford isn’t the most informed person on the situation. Also remember that Ford had dropped Weaver off of the draft board as little as two months ago. And Clay Bennett: I will hunt you down and destroy you if you draft Kyle, and that is a written threat.

Vince Grippi, Spokesman-Review – Rd 1, 27th overall (or Rd 2, 33rd overall), Portland. Full disclosure: I’m a Blazer fan, so this would be a dream come true. It also makes a ton of sense for the Blazers’ organization, and apparently Nate McMillan loves him.

NBADraft.netRd 2, 34th overall, LA Clippers. The only way I would ever buy a Clippers jersey.

DraftExpress – Rd 2, 39th overall, Chicago

CollegeHoops.netRd 2, 47th overall, Washington – clearly not a reliable source

There have been numerous other mocks, but few with the cajones to pick the second round, where most souces put Kyle right now. My pick:

Stadium Way: Rd 1, 27th overall, Portland – here’s hoping that Kyle is the reason the Blazers made the trade with New Orleans for #27.

And for Derrick Low: Undrafted free agent, New Jersey Nets


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