So Long, Sonics

Yes, the Sonics are leaving Seattle. Evil defeats good, and NBA owners everywhere get a free pass to hold their own cities hostage for new arenas someday. There’s two things here I wanted to note:

1. The terms of the settlement state that Bennett could owe the city an additional $30 million if the team does not have a new franchise in place within five years. That’s good news for Sonic fans as it puts pressure on the NBA to find Seattle another team if an arena deal gets done.

2. Don’t hold any ill will toward Oklahoma City or their fans. They’re good people who just wanted a sports team. Yes, it is ugly how they got it, but it isn’t their fault. They’d prefer the Hornets, but between Katrina and Clay Bennett the Sonics became the only option. It is still absolutely fine to dislike Bennett.

A Cougar Uniform note: reports Paul Wulff is going with the ‘Cougars’ script helmets at home, and the Crimson and white Coug head helmets on the road. As a fan of the Coug head on the gray helmets I have to say I’m disappointed.


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