Slightly More Attractive Than a Big Blue Heart

Per Cougfan, Martin Stadium is all set to have a 4,500 pound, $400,000 bronze Cougar sculpture displayed in all its glory by November 8th.

Of course it may not even be “Martin Stadium” by November, with rumors floating around that someone may be planning to pick up the tab for stadium naming rights. Boeing is the name that gets tossed around the most, but at this point it appears this rumor is nothing more than that.

By the way, a note on the “Big Blue Heart”, the atrocity that stands at the corner of Stadium Way (hey, that’s the name of this blog) and Grimes Way. For all you students arriving at orientation over the summer: it hasn’t always been there. You can, and you should, be angry about its existence. In two years I’ve watched as 783 letters to the Evergreen about the heart each week have slowly faded into pure apathy. Don’t give in – with a little help from everyone, we can attack this heart.

As for other Cougar news, well, there’s just not much out there. Arizona recruit Brandon Jennings is headed to Europe – something you can read more about over at WSU Hoops. There are a couple of football recruits in as well – check Cougfan for that. Grippi’s blog has been dead the last week, topics on the Cougfan board have included lame personal attacks on Seattle by OKC basketball fans, and tumbleweeds are rolling across Highway 26 in record numbers. I am struggling to find any sort of material for my Cougfan column; something I hope my editors there can forgive me for.

It is the dog days of summer, but we’ll try to keep it interesting with Offseason Videos of the Week and any late breaking Coug news that seems to fly in. Enjoy the warm weather, folks.


One Response to “Slightly More Attractive Than a Big Blue Heart”

  1. Grady Says:

    By the way – don’t let the title fool you (it’s sarcasm). I am excited about a 4,500 lb Cougar gracing the facade of the new Martin Stadium.

    I also plan on climbing on it. Pedestal or no pedestal.

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