Ted Miller Ranks Quarterbacks, Loses Credibility

Hey there, former Seattle P-I and current ESPN.com writer Ted Miller! How do you rank the Pac-10’s quarterbacks for this upcoming season?

[sitting on the edge of my seat]

First, let’s have some background:

This is not a bumper year for Pac-10 QBs. Only three schools are locked at the position: Tuitama, Carpenter and Locker.

There’s a clear leader at four schools — Oregon (Nate Costa), UCLA (Olson), USC (Sanchez) and Washington State (Gary Rogers). But it wouldn’t be shocking if any of the four lost his job at some point this season.

This is what is known in the sports writing world as “covering one’s behind”. I probably would be shocked if Olson, Sanchez or Rogers lost their job. Costa wouldn’t surprise me because he’s a sophomore and hasn’t really proven anything yet. Olson and Rogers are seniors; Sanchez is a junior who used to be one of the most highly touted QB recruits in the nation. So 3 of those 4 are fairly safe.

Meanwhile, competitions are wide open at California (Longshore vs. Kevin Riley), Oregon State (Lyle Moevao vs. Sean Canfield) and Stanford (Tavita Prichard vs. Jason Forcier, Alex Loukas and Andrew Luck).

Excellent. I’m sure we can pencil in sure-fire starter Gary Rogers above any one of those other questionable starters. So – where do you rank Pullman’s laser rocket arm?

10. Gary Rogers, Sr., Washington State: He’s huge — 6-foot-7, 233 pounds — but he’s an unproven guy running a new offense. Helps that he has a solid group of receivers, led by Brandon Gibson.

The only way this could be more absurd would be to rank Gary behind a quarterback who completed just 50% of his passes last year with nine interceptions and five TDs. Oh wait…

9. Tavita Prichard, Sr., Stanford: He beat USC, which is good, but he didn’t do much else. He completed just 50 percent of his passes with nine interceptions and five TDs.

So to sum up:

Fluke win over USC > Backing up a 3 1/2 year college starter who is currently on a NFL roster

He also ranks Gary behind Longshore and Moevao, both of whom he mentions earlier as being in QB races that are “wide open” for the starter’s job. ASU’s Rudy Carpenter is number one, followed by Tuitama, Sanchez and Locker.

But hey, give Miller credit for the attempt. I thought about countering with my rankings for the year, but I don’t have the guts to. There are still races up in the air right now, plus injuries that are sure to happen, and I would be tempted to completely over-rate Gary Rogers. Still, there is no way he’s the worst quarterback in the conference. Especially if you’re into 6’7″, 230 pound quarterbacks…. laser rocket arm… heck, I’ll let Peyton do the talking:


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  1. Grady Says:

    Also, our thoughts and condolences to the family and friends of Todd Doxey. The 19-year old Oregon safety was killed in a tragic drowning accident last weekend.

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