Offseason Video of the Week: 7/30

Your friendly reminder that all Thomas Kelati does is win ball games.

This is a must-see for diehard Cougar basketball fans. Also, if you’re the impatient type, skip to the 1:45 mark. That’s where the good stuff starts.

Courtesy tuzgc; YouTube


5 Responses to “Offseason Video of the Week: 7/30”

  1. Who’s That Blog :: Sports Northwest Magazine Says:

    […] League, Thomas Kelati doesn’t care about the competition, the man just hits clutch shots. [Stadium Way] Leave a […]

  2. Grady Says:

    Tip o’ the hat to Sports Northwest Magazine for linking to this post.

    Interesting comment over there that I feel like I should respond to.

    Your thoughts, shlo812?

    “I like the opening line on the Thomas Kelati post at “Stadium Way” – “Your friendly reminder that all Thomas Kelati does is win ball games.” Thomas Kelati was 38-71 during his WSU career. Hmmmmmm!”

    Yes, because Kelati was the sole reason WSU went 38-71 over his four years there.

    You know, not because he played two years under the horrendous coaching of Paul Graham, or that in 2003-04 he played for a team giving almost 30 minutes a night to Chris Schlatter (no offense, Chris).

  3. Grady Says:

    Actually, the fact he played for Graham makes that 38-71 mark pretty darn impressive.

  4. MikeR Says:

    Whether the Cougs’ terrible seasons were his fault or not (and of course they weren’t), the whole “all Thomas Kelati does is win ball games” statement does sound pretty goofy.

  5. Grady Says:

    Point taken.

    It was meant as an exaggeration, but it did come out a little goofy.

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