A Bad Monday for WSU

Ok. Do you want the bad news, or the worse news, first?

The bad news first?

Per KHQ:

Kyle Weaver has been traded to the Oklahoma City Fighting Satans, for a second round pick.

Even though he’s a perfect fit for Larry Brown’s system, I can only assume Kyle was traded for one of the following two reasons: either the Bobcats didn’t think he’d make the opening night roster, or Larry Brown continues his blind hatred of rookies. Because, as I’m sure you’re aware, rookies never contribute anything valuable in any sport whatsoever.

The worse news:

Jeshua Anderson is expected to be out six to eight weeks after undergoing surgery to treat a hernia.

Now the pressure becomes even greater for Brandon Gibson and Daniel Blackledge, who lose the aid of the fastest man on the football team.

A silver lining: Nik Koprivica and Serbia won the Under-20 European Championships in basketball, defeating Lithuania 96-89. Koprivica, who captains the team, scored only five points in 11 minutes. More details in the link.

Update (6:30pm): If Anderson is out six to eight weeks, it means his earliest return would be 9/20 against Portland State (would probably only see a few snaps anyway), and the latest 10/4 at UCLA. Either way this comes out to a loss of about four to six games. That is bad news for the Cougs.


2 Responses to “A Bad Monday for WSU”

  1. johnnycoug Says:

    Apparently the Bobcats had just signed somebody who was basically Weaver without the rookie mistakes. At least with OKC he’ll have less pressure to perform well immediately, and I think he’ll team up well with Westbrook to form the best young defensive backcourt in the league. But I didn’t want a reason to root for OKC! argh

  2. Grady Says:

    I forgot when I was writing this that OKC had Westbrook. The two best defensive players from a loaded Pac-10 last season are now members of the Thunder (or whatever they rename the Sonics).

    Give Sam Presti credit – he knows what he’s doing. Even if he is working for the worst owner in sports.

    What’s ridiculous for the Bobcats is that if you trade Weaver for a second round pick, why did you draft him with a second round pick in the first place? And since OKC is still a couple years away from contending, it’s likely they will receive a lower pick than they grabbed Weaver at this year.

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