OT: Michael Phelps is Decent at Swimming

Hey – thanks NBC, for making me wait three hours to watch something that happened live at about 8:10 pacific time. Not to mention avoiding any site on the Internet or TV station that might give away the result early.

NBC is also to blame for the buzzkill during the next commercial break that featured a Phelps-specific Visa commercial (Morgan Freeman’s voice isn’t just for marching penguins) and another for some NBCPhelps video thing you can order. Personally I’m stunned – stunned – that we didn’t see Phelps record followed up by the record 244,583rd playing of the Sprite commercial where the basketball court turns into a swimming pool.

Don’t let the above paragraphs fool you. That was one of the most incredible sports moments we’ll ever experience. I was glad to be a witness to it.


One Response to “OT: Michael Phelps is Decent at Swimming”

  1. Grady Says:

    Proof that not all ads are bad – Nike just used The Killers’ “All These Things that I’ve Done” in their commercial.

    Followed up immediately by one of those ExxonMobile “please don’t hate us, we do nice things” commercials. Ugh.

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