Two for Thames

2009 PG recruit Xavier Thames cuts it down to two schools. Washington State, of course, and Iowa State.

“I think playing time is important because I really want to be able to play some as a freshman and also just how I relate to the coaching staff and what the support system is like.”

Current number of true point guards currently expected on the 2009 roster: zero.

I don’t think playing time will be a huge issue for Thames at WSU, unless one of next year’s freshmen become particularly adept at running the Cougar offense.

It’s hard to hate Iowa State, considering the similarities. We’re both the big fish in our respective college towns, both of which are located in the “middle of nowhere”. We also have good German basketballers who were screwed out of a season of eligibility by the NCAA. (OJ Mayo and his plasma TV screen were unavailable for comment)

Here’s hoping Thames will be a Coug when all is said and done. He’s a good fit with Rochestie leaving, and would join Spokane’s Anthony Brown (a shooting guard) in the class of 2009.

Also a fond farewell to Jim McKay, the legendary broadcaster who passed away at age 86. Keith Jackson, a legend in his own right (and a proud Cougar), had some wonderful things to say about him on SportsCenter this morning. He’ll be missed.