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Back on Cougfan this week, with a wide-ranging look at Jeshua Anderson’s Olympic chances, the basketball scholarship situation, Kyle’s draft position, baseball commit Rusty Shellhorn (who happens to attend my old high school – Go Bears) and more.

Buzzin’ the Palouse: Is Jeshua Beijing-bound? (subscription only this time – just think of it like Peter Gammons’ blog)

Regarding Bennett’s comments – which were great to hear, by the way, I thought I would point out one thing in particular. There have been plenty of superlatives all around for Tony finally opening up to the press – see Jim Moore here for an example. Still, I thought I would point out one phrase that may come back to haunt Cougar fans someday, if we’re not careful:

“The special thing about being a Coug is that when things go well it’s appreciated and celebrated more than anywhere else,” Bennett said. “And I think when you’re struggling and trying to rebuild the program, Cougs are more patient and understanding. That’s what makes this place great.”

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Electronic Mail

If you want a more anonymous way to reach Stadium Way, give us a buzz at You can send suggestions, comments, or just some good ol’ fashioned hate mail. The content doesn’t have to relate to the Cougs either, it could be sports in general, or links to some of the amazing accomplishments people have made on the internet. If I get enough response, I might just be able to start a mailbag column. Which would rock. So do it.

Also, this week’s Buzzin’ The Palouse is up at This one’s more football-oriented with a discussion of Jed Collins, other Cougar draft hopefuls, Rowing, Baseball, and more. This article is subscription-only, so if you don’t have a CF.C account you won’t get to read the article in its entirety. But my shameless plug for the site is this: it’s basically a non-profit website where the money from the network and subscriptions go right back into the content and making sure the forums don’t crash.

Anyway, check out the article if you have some free time. Hope you like it.

Buzzin’ the Palouse on Cougfan

If you get a chance, head on over to Cougfan, where my first article is now up for the reading – with some thoughts on basketball recruit Nick Witherill, Tony Bennett, the lack of respect Wazzu is (still) getting from the national pundits, and the new volleyball coaching staff.

It’s free content over there, so check it out. It’s a different venue from what you’ll see here – mainly in that unlike the blog, my writing for Cougfan is edited by actual professionals. Also, it gives me a chance to get a little closer to the world of Cougar athletics, as evidenced by the quote we obtained from Ben Johnson regarding Witherill. Hope you all like it – feedback is always welcome.

And if you’re coming over here from Cougfan, well, thanks for clicking on the link. I’m on the forums there as washingtonstatecougars (original, huh?) where I share my usually sober thoughts on Cougar athletics.