Scholarship Chart

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Last update 5/20/08

This scholarship chart is designed to provide up-to-date information on the WSU men’s basketball team’s scholarship situation for the next few years. The NCAA allows for 13 scholarship athletes, and they are reflected by the players whose names are in color (including gray). Players in black are “walk-ons” – non-scholarship players who do not count against the total number of scholarships allowed.

Some notes regarding this chart:

Charlie Enquist was a scholarship athlete in 2007-08, but will be a non-scholarship player in 2008-09 per a deal he made with Tony Bennett during recruiting.

Walk-on recruit John Allen will not be listed until I get a better idea of what Bennett is doing with the final scholarship for 2008-09. At this point it will likely go to Enquist or Rochestie, who are currently listed as non-scholarship players.

Fabian Boeke is ineligible for 2007-08 of a NCAA ruling. He cannot use a redshirt and he cannot play in until 2008-09 (Ask me how I feel about this ruling, and you will probably get a reply that includes expletives directed at college athletics’ governing body – learn more here). Therefore he begins next season as a true sophomore on scholarship.

Taylor Rochestie has given up his scholarship for next season to allow the team to gain another scholarship athlete. Therefore he is listed as a non-scholarship player for 2008-09. Next season will still be his last year of eligibility.


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